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About Us

EU ERASMUS+ NanoEL project


Reaching beyond the realms for the learners across continents


The NanoEI project has so far enabled creation of over 25courses that facilitated transfer of knowledge in nano-micro electronics and allied subjects between EU’s higher education institutions that have been part of the project with the partner institutes in China, Malaysia, India and Israel. The curricula of the institutes in the Partner Countries were not only developed but also modernized with extensive deliberations by the project partners currently online as well as offline in the pre-COVID period.

With the COVID pandemic surging and impacting teaching and learning across continents, our group has taken a leap in terms of disseminating the knowledge by engaging classes live with the learners across countries. Right from meeting time zones from Asia to Europe to cutting across cultures we have mapped it all. Our live sessions will enable the learners across the world not only to interact but also equip themselves with the fundamental principles and latest breakthroughs in fields of engineering, optics, bio nano-micro electronics and other niche areas that span the expertise domain of the faculty in our project.

Our group is an appropriate blend of engaging speakers, skilful mentors and guides who believe in the adage “Teach what you know; learn what you do not know”.

producing and sharing online hybrid courses enabling HyFlex learing

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